Why choose the auction method?

Sellers are choosing the auction method of marketing more now, than ever before! Auctions have proven to be an effective method for selling real estate, personal property, equipment and livestock at favorable return within any timeline. Realize the advantages of selling with excitement and urgency. Have an auction! #Auctionswork! 



Benefits to the Seller

  • Competitive bidding establishes market value
  • Diverse marketing campaigns targeting select audiences
  • Stimulating buyers with a sense of urgency
  • Event oriented attention to your assets
  • Timely sales at market defined value
  • Seller controlled contingencies
  • Seller controlled carrying costs
  • Seller determines time-frame of transaction
  • Only selling method to utilize the advantage of choice

Benefits to the Buyer

  • No haggling or negotiating
  • Seller demonstrates commitment to sell
  • Efficient timeline of transaction
  • Opportunity to buy at value
  • Level playing field for all buyers in the market
  • Subtract value of retail overhead
  • Comfort in paying an established market price

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