Settling the estate of a loved one can be confusing and overwhelming. Estate executors often have to honor the decendent's wishes and keep peace among heirs, all while navigating their own grieving process. It's during this time that an Executor can benefit from the professional guidance of Leist Auctioneers to avoid common pitfalls that lead to litigation and diminished financial return.

Leist Auctioneers has solutions that can reduce the stress of handling even the most complicated of estates. With nearly 40 years in the auction industry, we have the experience to handle your situation. Our professional affiliations and dedication to continued education allows us to utilize current marketing trends to handle all assets. We appreciate the opportunity to learn about a Seller's specific situation before tailoring a unique solution that utilizes the auction method. Allow us to prepare a plan that quickly and efficiently allows for the highest possible return with the lowest amount of risk and stress.

The Robert Parkinson Estate featured three pieces of real estate in different parts of Michigan, a large collection of personal property, assets of multiple classes and several heirs. In 2019, Leist Auctioneers successfully assisted the Parkinson family in resolving this estate in far less time than their estate attorney had suggested. The resulting auctions of personal property and real estate exceeded the family's expectations by over $150,000.

Real Estate

In today's marketplace, savvy Sellers are choosing the auction method to reap the benefits of competitive bidding. Increasingly, traditional real estate sales professionals are trying to utilize the auction method to enhance the selling price of their listings. Using an Auction Professional with real estate experience ensures the most effective use of the auction method to hyper market your listing before opening it to the power of competitive bidding.

Frank Leist and Wade Leist of Leist Auctioneers are award winning auctioneers with over 20 combined years in selling real estate. They specialize in identifying auction worthy properties that have the highest potential for success in an auction setting. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with them today to learn if your property is "Auction Worthy" and how current marketing programs can be used to create exciting competitive bidding.

Professional Auctioneers offering real estate listings at auction in a fast and transparent fashion have several advantages over traditional listing methods. Leist Auctioneers has successfully utilized the auction method of marketing to maximize return and exceed Seller expectations on numerous recent offerings.

Parkinson Trust: exceeded appraisal by a combined $60,000 in three separate transactions

Dodge Trust: achieved 110% of appraisal price on a single listing

Zamarron Estate: exceeded Seller expectations by 20%

Farm Auctions

For nearly 40 years, farm auctions have been the backbone of Leist Auctioneers. The Leist Family has been in the farming and animal agriculture industries for 4 generations in northern Michigan. The Leist’s understand the qualities of a successful farm auction.  They have successfully combined their farming background with industry leading auction techniques to effectively market entire farming operations, or single pieces of equipment. The farming industry is changing rapidly, and your Buyer may no longer be your neighbor. Leist Auctioneers has the marketing expertise to bring your buyer from the worldwide market.

Make Leist Auctioneers your first call if you are considering retirement, downsizing, operational change or simply upgrading a piece of equipment. We work hard to make sure you get the most return for your farm equipment, livestock, or real estate because we understand how hard you worked for it!

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Our team understands our involvement at your auction needs to go beyond just calling bids. We enjoy meeting with clients for consultations and discussions prior to the auction because a successful auction begins long before the first bid is called.

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