Marion Fair Youth Livestock Auction

Auction Location:
Marion, MI 49665
Auction Dates:

   Live Auction with Online Bidding


Terms & Conditions:

All large animals will be sold "by the head" meaning that the price you bid, is the price you pay. For example, a steer selling at $3,000 has achieved a total selling price of $3,000.

Small animals like rabbits and chickens will sell "by the pound", with an additional charge for processing. Processing for chickens is $4 each, turkeys are $9 each and rabbits are $6 each. For example, a pen of 3 rabbits weighing 20 lbs. that sells for $5 has achieved a total selling price of $118.

Processing locations include:
L&J Meat Market - Lake City
Ebels - Falmouth
MacKenzie Bros.
Wilsons' Processing

Buyers may also send their animal to the local livestock market where a check will be issued in the sellers name.

Listing Details:
Virtual Auction for Youth Livestock Exhibitors from the Marion Fair. Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic the Marion Fair was forced to cancel. This cancelation left many Youth Exhibitors with livestock projects, and no where to market them. Leist Auctioneers and Jim Lambert Auctioneers have joined forces to offer a Virtual Auction of all the livestock projects within the Marion Fair. For questions regarding the auction, or for help with registration call: Leist Auctioneers 833-323-2BID Barn Superintendent Matt Mohr 231-388-4389
Marion Fair
In light of the cancelation of the Marion Fair, the Youth Livestock projects will be sold in a Virtual Auction. We truly hope our supporters will enjoy this auction and continue to support local youth. Bidding can be done online, or in person at a yet to be determined location. Please contact Small Animal Barn Superintendent Matt Mohr at 231-388-4389
Lambert Auctioneers
Jim and Carol Lambert of McBain are pleased to offer their talents to the youth of the Marion Fair. For questions, please contact Jim at 231-825-8116
Leist Auctioneers
The Leist family considers it an honor to assist Lambert Auctioneers with the Marion Fair. For questions, please call 833-323-2BID